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Harry Levenstein

Harry is a California transplant currently living in Poulsbo, WA. He has a BA in Studio Arts and in Art Education and has exhibited and sold his work nationally in various juried shows. Harry participated in a year-long internship with Simon Levin and is presently participating in a 4-month  internship in Pondicherry, India. Harry continues to master skills relative to wood-fired pottery and it is our pleasure to share his work with you here at The Gallery!


Bonnie Block

Bonnie is a self-taught wildlife photographer residing in the Pacific Northwest. Since retiring in 2009, Bonnie has been able to devote herself to combining her love of photography and art with her lifelong passion for animals and the natural world.

Bonnie is very proud to have had her image of the bald eagle and herons of Seabeck, WA, selected as the 2016 Audubon Photography Awards Grand Prize winner. The image was selected from nearly 7000 entrants and was honored by hanging in the Smithsonian for a year with the Natures Best Photography Show. With other awards for selections such as this puffin photo under her belt, Bonnie proudly presents nature photography from the Pacific Northwest and from around the world, right here at The Gallery!  


Beate Funke

Beate was born in a small-town in Northwest Germany and now resides in the Pacific Northwest. She inherited talent and love for art and crafting from her mother; learning knitting, crocheting, stitching, sewing, scrap-booking, gardening and German baking.  After moving to the US, Beate fell in love with handmade glass beads which led to her passion for designing and creating her own line of jewelry.

Beate's jewelry consists of high quality handmade glass beads, Swarovski crystal, Sterling and hill tribe silver and more. Her pieces are incredibly versatile, allowing for multiple options for wear, and each piece includes her own signature- a flower bead at each clasp. It is our privilege to share Beate's beautiful jewelry line with you!

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Diane Holmes

Diane is a native Californian who moved to the Great Northwest ten years ago. She is a self-taught watercolorist and is constantly inspired by the array of incredible subject material available. She hopes that you will enjoy her watercolors as much as she enjoys painting them. We are pleased to offer to our visitors Diane's original watercolors!


Gerald William Dowell

Gerald graduated from Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree. His Interior Design career spanned from 1958 to 2000 when he retired to fully pursue fine art. Gerald worked as a Senior Designer, Design Director, and Partner with firms in LA, Vancouver, BC and Seattle. His work includes many corporate, hotel and restaurant installations. Gerald was also a full-time instructor at Art Institute of Seattle from 1985 to 2000.

Gerald and his wife Rosemarie, another talented artist featured here at The Gallery, have collaborated in design, teaching, painting, drawing and more since 1965 when they married in Southern California. The two continue creating in paint, writing and publishing, and we are very pleased to feature them both here at The Gallery!


Ildi Deaky

Ildi studied art and architecture in Budapest, Hungary. She further studied in London after escaping her native land when the Soviets crushed the Hungarian Revolution. Ildi came to love art quite naturally, since her father was a well-known architect and her mother was a commercial artist.

Painting in oil, her scenes are sensitively realistic. She relishes abundant colors from autumn landscapes to golden sunsets, rustic hues and uncanny transcendence of light, a marriage of her love of nature and her sense of life within. Her lively scenes guide the viewer to a powerful sense of place. Ildi exhibits her work in Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Portland and here at The Gallery at Liberty Bay!

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Joanne Symington

Joanne creates metal art from recycled household hot water tanks. As an advocate for cleaning up the environment, Joanne loves creating beautiful art from items that are otherwise destined for our landfills. She uses both the inner tank and the outer sheathing to create interior and exterior pieces. Her designs include birds, botanicals, fish and more, with award winners in her portfolio! It is our great pleasure to display Joanne's creative work.


Kent Tompkins

Kent is the very embodiment of the bold exploration of art and life. For Kent, life and art are synonyms, as he expresses his full personality in his work. From larger than life canvases to hand-painted ties, Kent paints boldly and expressively. And he is not afraid of color! In fact, you will never find a PKO Designs tie painted in neutral hues or subtle tones. NO! Kent's ties dare you to be original! "when I have a design in mind, I see it in colors that explode!" says Kent, "my design is not to assault the senses but certainly to excite them, and to create a piece that will last a long time." We believe his ties do just that and we are happy to feature Kents Ties at The Gallery! Have a special event coming up? Kent custom designs ties too!


Laura Kemp

Laura's varied career path is just as fascinating as her beautiful work! After earning her BFA at Jacksonville University she worked as a custom picture framer, equestrian judge, jump course designer and professional firefighter! Her Gamble Creek Farm became Gamble Creek studio in 2013 when she decided to become a full-time artist. Laura captures beautifully the way nature stops her in her tracks with its design and drama. 

Her work has been exhibited in several juried exhibitions including those of the the National Watercolor Society. She has shown in galleries in Saskatchewan, Joseph, OR, Ketchikan , AK, and locally in Bellevue, Kirkland, Twisp, Bainbridge Island and right here at The Gallery at Liberty Bay! 

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Marti Mathis

Marti began drawing and painting at 5 years old and has no intention of stopping. She paints what she sees in all its vibrance and glory, whether it be a beautiful flower, bird or her kitten looking back at her. She loves many subjects but her favorite to paint are flowers due to their amazing colors and shapes. When her paint meets with wet paper, her heart beats faster and her passion comes through as you can see in her fabulous work. We are very pleased to host Marti's work here at The Gallery at Liberty Bay!


Marylyn Miller

A  midwestern lake in Indiana was Marylyn's alternate home for the first 20 years of her life. Long before smart phones  or even television, the theater of Marylyn's days were occupied with the sun, moon and their dialogues with the sky; water and land from dawn to after dark. She learned the effects of a tilting earth, the quality of clouds; the velocity of wind which make each day unique.

Moving to WA State in 1970, Marylyn studied at The Factory of Visual Art for 2 years and completed a BFA in painting at the UW, all while exhibiting her art at numerous galleries  exhibitions. 

Over time, Marylyn learned new ways to abstract images of the natural world and started to employ layers of tissue over acrylic, later adding sponges, thread, gauze, wax and papers printed with paint to build texture and depth. Ultimately Marylyn's intention is to develop mood and a sense of being in a quasi-mysterious place when viewed. We love her work and consider it great privilege to make it available to you here at The Gallery! 


Pamela Wickard

Having worked as a Graphic Designer for 20 years, Pamela took her first painting class at Bellevue Art Museum in 2002, awakening within herself a true passion for creating art on canvas. She began working in acrylic collage, her inspiration emanating from the beautiful surroundings she lives in. Pamelas fascination with texture, color and maps shines through her work, with her desire that the viewer will discover the beauty and layers found within each piece. We think she accomplishes this mission fully! Come see her work at The Gallery at Liberty Bay!

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Peg Gyldenege

 Peg has been teaching art & design for the past 30 years helping others to find their own voice. The natural world has been the biggest influence in her artwork.  She loves expressing the subtle forms and colors found in her own English style garden. She uses precious metals, fibers, glass and semi-precious stones and pearls in assemblage of metal smithing, enamels, bead weaving and felt. Her work is created for those who love unexpected bits of playful art made portable.

Peg Gyldenege has been creating in precious metal since 1998. She started and ran the first PMC guild in Washington State. She served on the Seattle Metals Guild Board as Membership Chairman.  For the past 20 years she has been an instructor and creates many mediums including but not limited to enamel, glass, paint and bead embroidery. Her work has been featured in national magazines, SMG’s Bi-annual and the Dairy Barn. She is influenced by the natural world’s forms and textures and follows her muse for inspirations. She lives in Puyallup WA. We are very pleased to make Peg's work available to our customers!


Rick Rahman

Rick Rahman is a native of Kitsap County, growing up in the Illahee area and now residing in Silverdale. A former acoustic physicist, he is now devoting his time to crafting fine furniture and objects of art. Working in multiple mediums Rick draws inspiration from the beauty of figured and spalted woods found in the Pacific Northwest. We are very pleased to offer our guests Rick's amazing work!


Ron Hamblin

A retired engineer, Ron enjoys beach combing the shores of the Pacific Northwest. From the stories Ron hears of collected sand dollars preserving family memories, he decided to create works of art with them. Each  sand dollar used in his work is truly unique: cleaned, hardened and colorized using specific techniques for different affects. Ron's sand dollars are available as attractive necklaces and magnets. Ever-popular with gallery visitors, we are pleased to make them available for our guests!

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Rosemarie Dowell

Rosemarie was born and raised in Germany until the age of 12 when her family moved to the US. Art came to her naturally as a child as she observed her natural surroundings. She studied in California and received degrees in Art and Interior Design. After marrying Gerald Dowell in 1965, the two traveled Europe together for a year,  studying architecture. 

Rosemarie has published books of poetry, pen and ink drawings and displays her artwork across the western US and Canada. We are pleased to offer our visitors Rosemaries canvases full of vibrant color and life.  


Ruth Maupin

Ruth paints in the realist style using oils, acrylics and watercolors. She is a self-taught artist, engaging in classes, workshops and lots of hands-on time. Ruth is passionate about living in the Northwest surrounded by talented artists in a realm of open creativity. She loves being able to learn and to teach in this environment. 

Ruth and her husband George have traveled extensively in the northwest and southwest, sailing, bicycling, kayaking, hiking along the way. Ruth's painting has enhanced her way of seeing the natural beauty surrounding her and therefore she travels armed with camera and paints. We are pleased to make Ruth's art available to our visitors!


Steve Abbott

Growing up on Puget Sound, Steve Abbott has surrounded himself with boats all his life, even living aboard. He has always been drawn to the qualities of reflections and his fascination is evident in his painting. He effectively captures all the essence of being on the water, with popular subjects including the famous wooden boats found in Port Townsend to sailboat races and landscapes as well. Steve paints in oils and watercolor, and we love having his work on display here at The Gallery!

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Suz O'Dell

Suz O'Dell has been a craftsperson for over 35 years. Inspired by her German and Mexican heritage, she found herself drawn into the arts at an early age. Having spent 5 years in Heidelberg, Germany, studying photography and traveling globally with her camera, Suz, began working as a professional photographer in California in the early 80s. Prior to that she owned Captain Cook Glassworks Studio in Kona, HI. Later in the 90s Suz studied the lapidary arts at Galileo Gem Guild and metalsmithing at Sharon Arts Studio in San Francisco, so it is easily stated that Suz explores all aspects of the arts and their interaction with the natural world. 

Suz's one-of-a-kind works in metal and gems prove her passion for what she creates. We find that our customers share this passion in their strong and frequent desires to wear Suz's beautiful creations!   


Kerstin Hilton

Kerstin was serendipitously introduced to fused glass in 2005. She couldn't believe the magic that occurred when glass, heat and gravity came together. She began her exploration of this art form with wild abandon. 

Regarding her inspiration, Kerstin states, "it is at the ocean I feel most calm and invigorated. My art pieces seek to capture the feeling of being at the oceans edge or sailing the waters of Puget Sound. I love exploring the beach in search of textural elements that further reflect the experience of being near or on the water."

 We think Kerstin accomplishes this extremely well and we are so pleased to offer her work here at The Gallery!


Mesolini Glass Studio

Gregg Mesmer and Diane Bonciolini of Mesolini Glass Studio have made a living working in glass since 1977. Fast forward to today, they continue to find glass to be an inspiring vitreous medium, seductive by its beauty and  infinite number of creative possibilities. 

Working with their hands and hearts, they are extremely passionate about what they do and relish sharing it with others, 

creating highly sought after and beautifully functional pieces. 

The Gallery at Liberty Bay is privileged to be a part of the sharing, as we and our customers’ find ourselves enthralled with their work. 

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Barbara Childs

Barb stumbled into pottery at Central Washington University while earning a degree in Business Administration and Community Health Education. Pottery was a way to fulfill graduation requirements; little did she know it would eventually lead her away from original plans into the world of the arts. Often referring to it as a hobby that got out of hand, she now has over 30 years of experience working in the studio, teaching pottery and elementary art, organizing local art shows and events. 

Barbara's functional high-fire pottery is well sought after by locals and vacationing visitors alike. Sometimes Barb breaks away from functional pieces to experiment with low-fire decorative work. This includes sculptural pressed castings of native sea life, raku fired with copper glazes and more, drawing inspiration from her northwest surroundings. We love all that Barbara creates and happily present it to our gallery's visitors!


Rebecca Ann

Since childhood, Rebecca has been surrounded by art. Growing up in Virginia her family introduced her to many galleries, museums and the artists themselves which led to a lifelong passion for creative process & expression. Rebecca was well into her 30s before she found a creative outlet of her own. After teaching herself to knit, she fell in love with all things fiber arts, gradually adding weaving, spinning and traveling to the most vibrant and active fiber arts communities of the world. She aspires  someday to combine her love for riding motorcycles with her passions of travel and fiber arts for an amazing nomadic lifestyle with her loving husband George. Of course she will find ways to carry some knitting, weaving, and spinning for the motorcycle rest breaks!


Colleen Cotey

Colleen R. Cotey was raised in rural Western Washington on a small farm. Before becoming a professional artist, Cotey enjoyed showing her mare in 4-H, had started colts on a working cattle ranch in Colorado and lead horse treks in Ireland where she lived for nearly 4 years. Wherever life takes her, the horse usually remains the centerpiece.

Cotey's wire sculptures are held in private collections around the world. She is an award winning sculptor and signature member of the Society of Animal Artists NY,, as well as any Elected Member of the National Sculpture Society, NY.

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Ron Davison

Ron has been playing guitar since the late 50s and worked for Mosrite and Magnatone. Guitars are his passion whether acoustic, electric, 6-string or bass; he has always been fascinated with the various styles, sounds and different tones, and great sound is a guarantee from one of his cigar box guitars!

Ron's guitars possess great intrigue, quality and versatility. Owners of Ron's guitars appreciate playing everything from southern blues to hard rock and all styles in between; clean or with distortion; with a slide or finger picking and at a fraction of the price of any comparable guitar. We gladly provide Ron's fantastic cigar box guitars to the visitors of The Gallery! 


Constance Ducar

Constance Ducar is a creative frame loom weaver passionate about weaving with bold color and texture! Her over the shoulder bags and pillows are subjects of constant conversation around The Gallery! Constance also teaches at BARN on Bainbridge Island when not creating her own amazing pieces. We love having her functionally beautiful work to offer our visitors!


Cherry Van Cour

Cherry studied various forms of ceramic arts as time allowed during her corporate endeavors in Seattle. Her interests in ceramic arts kept her learning from local artists and spending time in the gallery world when not at work. When able to leave the corporate world behind, Cherry found herself entering the realm of great creativity. She continued to build her knowledge and experience in crystalline  glaze mixtures and hi-fire kiln firing & programming techniques. Now she creates wondrous works from her home studio, and we can never get enough of her work to appreciate and to satiate our customers!

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Jan Cook Mack

Jan grew up in the US and Taiwan. Earning her Fine Art degree, she established herself as a fine artist in New York Citybefore moving to Washington State in 1986. Jan's paintings arise out of an emotional response to the pursuit of an intimate relationship with the natural world. From animals to wild-scapes to birds-eye views of landscapes below Jan's work expresses the developed relationship with nature indeed! 


Brian Kilpatrick

A resident of Poulsbo for the last 15 years, Brian makes his living creating visual media through Graphic Design, Video and photography. He loves going on photography adventures and thrives on finding new and exciting perspectives with his camera. When Brian makes a connection with someone through his photography it completes his experience. We value the unique images Brian brings to The Gallery and we know you will love them as well!


Irene Faso

Irene is a self-taught silk artist specializing in scarves, worship flags and more! Her 5 decades of work in the beauty industry and impeccable eye for color is the foundation for her custom creations. Each piece is hand-rolled and hemmed with 100% silk thread. We are so happy to share with our visitors, Irene's beautiful wearable art!

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Ed Bennett

Ed specializes in detailed wood and bronze sculptures of Northwest birds. He has been creating birds for over 25 years and has studies during this period with several nationally known bird carvers. His birds are in several galleries in the Northwest, and we are very pleased to be among them! 

Ed's birds commonly include great blue herons, owls, Coopers hawk, wrens, nuthatches finches and his most popular  variety, the hummingbird. He researches his carvings at the Ornithology Department of the Burke Museum, University of Washington. Let his birds bring visual music to your home!


Constance Ducar

Constance Ducar is a creative frame loom weaver passionate about weaving with bold color and texture! Her over the shoulder bags and pillows are subjects of constant conversation around The Gallery! Constance also teaches at BARN on Bainbridge Island when not creating her own amazing pieces. We love having her functionally beautiful work to offer our visitors!


Cherry Van Cour

Cherry studied various forms of ceramic arts as time allowed during her corporate endeavors in Seattle. Her interests in ceramic arts kept her learning from local artists and spending time in the gallery world when not at work. When able to leave the corporate world behind, Cherry found herself entering the realm of great creativity. She continued to build her knowledge and experience in crystalline  glaze mixtures and hi-fire kiln firing & programming techniques. Now she creates wondrous works from her home studio, and we can never get enough of her work to appreciate and to satiate our customers!