Explore Peru With Us!

Experience the beauty, art and culture of this fabulous country!  

Our tour begins in Lima this August 1st, and concludes back in Lima August 14th, 2020! Optional Homestay, August 14-17, 2020

Explore the riches of Peru! The Archeology, Civilizations, Culture, Arts, Food and Music, along with so much more!

 Ask about our split payment opportunity!

14 days, $4495 per person

14-Day Tour Highlights of Peru!

See the best of Lima, Arequipa, the Colca Vallery, Puno, Lake Titicaca, Cusco and more!

All accommodations Included

All in-country travel included

All breakfasts included

4 days, $450/person

Homestay Optional Add-On

If you can’t bear to leave Peru just yet, stay for a unique opportunity to dive deep into the culture with a special 4 days at our local guides family farm! Details on our itinerary!

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Age: 13+

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