Woodworking Artists

Rick Rahman

Rick Rahman is a native of Kitsap County, growing up in the Illahee area and now residing in Silverdale. A former acoustic physicist, he is now devoting his time to crafting fine furniture and objects of art. Working in multiple mediums Rick draws inspiration from the beauty of figured and spalted woods found in the Pacific Northwest. We are very pleased to offer our guests Rick’s amazing work!

Ed Bennett

Ed specializes in detailed wood and bronze sculptures of Northwest birds. He has been creating birds for over 25 years and has studies during this period with several nationally known bird carvers. His birds are in several galleries in the Northwest, and we are very pleased to be among them!

Ed’s birds commonly include great blue herons, owls, Coopers hawk, wrens, nuthatches finches and his most popular variety, the hummingbird. He researches his carvings at the Ornithology Department of the Burke Museum, University of Washington. Let his birds bring visual music to your home!